Student Help / Tutoring

School problems have many causes. It is our goal to support each of our students individually and excellently. This is done with the help of experienced and qualified subject teachers. In order to be able to better determine the causes of the school problems, we test our students without obligation as part of a trial lesson and develop an individual support plan on the basis of the test results.

Students who make use of our services first complete a three-month trial period. In this trial phase, we want to give the students and teachers the opportunity to build up a relationship of trust and to eliminate any communication problems. In consultation with the legal guardians, a change of subject teacher is also possible during this time if it turns out that the teacher and the student cannot access each other.

During the trial phase, the subject teacher discusses the learning progress and learning problems of the student with the institute management and thus tries to find solutions. If it turns out that e.g. LRS, AD(H)S, dyscalculia or other developmental disorders are the cause of the school problems, we offer your child additional lessons especially in professional care or will be happy to help you establish contacts with counselling centres so that your child receives the appropriate support. So far, we have had the experience that the first learning progress is made in these three months.

Let our staff advise you in detail and inform yourself about the details. Only through individual advice can we make you a personal offer and develop an educational concept for your child.

Offers student help

We support students of all grades and school types in the form of groups or individual lessons in all subsequent school subjects.

  • German
  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • English
  • Physics
  • French
  • Latin
  • Accounting
  • Spanish
  • Accounting

Pupils with increased needs for support are taught by teachers with additional socio-pedagogical training.

For students of the 4. Class we offer group lessons to prepare for the transition to secondary schools.

For preschoolers , preparatory courses with a focus on German will also take place from February.

Exam preparation for final classes (Quali, RS-Abschluss, Abitur) is offered if required.

Information about the individual hours can be found in our office or in our course directory as well as in our terms and conditions.