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Regardless of whether the focus is on changing jobs or professions, re-entering the profession, unemployment, starting an apprenticeship or entering the post-employment phase – we help you to orient yourself in the jungle of offers for general and vocational training and to find suitable further training offers. Free, professional and comprehensive.

Take advantage of your opportunities – because they are more diverse than you think.

Contact persons

Meltem Madenci
Irina Bösch
Meltem Madenci

Meltem Madenci


Telephone: (+49) (0) 7 31 – 79 08 98 99


Irina Bösch

Irina Bösch

Telephone: (+49) 0731 – 60 27 23 36


Quality characteristics of advice on further education

Our employees
provide very good advice on further education.
The consultants are well trained and work very professionally.
In the consultations, there is a very good cooperation
between the consultant and the person seeking advice.
During the consultation, the quality characteristics are taken into account.

These features are:

  • The person seeking advice and their interests and wishes are the focus of the conversation.
  • Solutions are jointly developed that take into account the interests of the person seeking advice. Not only information is passed on, but also ways to the solution are shown.
  • The person seeking advice is supported by the consultant so that he can make a good decision. The decisions are important for the further professional path.
  • The consultant gives the person seeking advice information on various offers. These offers are from many different institutions. This is good, because it allows the person seeking advice to choose between the different offers.

Our institution undertakes to comply with these characteristics when providing advice.

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